What’s Always On Tap:

Alamedas IPA


Alameda’s IPA

We won’t bore you with the history of IPA. On the West Coast we all know what it is, and we know how we want it! That’s why we packed ours with a wallop of Zythos hops throughout the boil with a massive charge at the end to accentuate the floral, piney, and citrus bouquet with just enough malty caramel sweetness to balance it out, while still stripping the enamel from your teeth.

7.5% ABV

American Pale Ale

American Pale Ale

You want a hoppy session pale?  Then try this.  Previously named for the West Coast Coney Island located here on Alameda Island, this Pale Ale may have gotten a name change but the flavor’s just the same.  Packed with a secret hop blend you’ll notice a grapefruit nose and a familiar citrus punch.

4.9% ABV


Cavanaugh Kolsch (Kolsch Style)

A beloved style of beer developed in the Cologne (Koln) region of Germany. This beer pays homage to its German heritage with its characteristic balance of soft malty sweetness, Noble hops, bright gold color, and slight fruit notes. Named after Dave Cavanaugh’s popular Cavanaugh motors, AIBC wanted to pay tribute to the reinvention of their space.

5.0% ABV


Hef-D (Hefeweizen)

AIBC’s take on a traditional Bavarian Hefeweizen. Wheat and German Pilsner malt start it out while the special house yeast strain gives it banana and clove esters. Its smoothness and effervescence make this the perfect beer for summer.

4.5% ABV


Island City IPA

Island Haze

Island Haze

The argument is heated out there, so we thought you should see what the fuss is about. Is haze legit, or is it not beer unless it’s clear? The hazy, Vermont/New England IPA. Over 4 lbs a barrel of Amarillo and El Dorado hops (64lbs of dry hop alone). Drinks like orange and grapefruit juice. Welcome Island Haze to our island.

6.1% ABV


Rapid Pils

5.0% ABV

Sea Haggis

Sea Haggis (Scotch Ale)

Traditionally brewed to complement the brisk temperatures of Scotland, the Scottish strong ale is packed full of malt, making its consumption effortless. The residual sweetness is derived from its extremely low IBU’s, and we at AIBC like to refer to it as the antithesis to the IPA.

8.0% ABV

Uncommon Common

Uncommon Common (Kentucky Common)

5.7% ABV

Idahop 7

Idahop 7

Normally the standard Idaho #7 hop flavor shines with pine, stone fruit, and predominantly herbal character.  Tea-like, some citrus, floral and peach or white grape aroma. But, this, is different. The lupulin has been captured from the cones and made into a concentrated hash almost doubling its potency. This 7% and 90 IBU beer is surprisingly drinkable with the addition of crystal 20 malt to round the flavor out just enough.

7.0% ABV

Our Rotational On Tap:

2526 Maibock

2526 Maibock

Admiral's Best

Admiral’s Best (Special Bitter)

AIBC Berliner Weisse

AIBC Berliner Weisse

Belgian Pale Ale

Belgian Pale Ale

Brut Forc IPA

Brut Forc IPA

Citruice Juicy Pale

Citruice (Hazy Pale Ale)


Doolittle (American Imperial Red)

7.5% ABV


UNREP (Double IPA)

When you need to resupply at sea, you UNREP. Short for underway replenishment, this big beer will give you what you need fast. Simcoe, Mosaic and Idaho 7 hops. 90 IBU and 9.2% ABV, but drinks like a much smaller beer.

9.2% ABV           1.083 O.G.

Nacht Schwarzbier

Nacht Schwarzbier

Dark, toasty lager. Originally from Thuringen and northern Franconia in Germany. An all-day drinker.

5.4% ABV